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Welcome to our Animations Voyager anime blog.

Origin of the site's name 'Animations Voyager'.

This site is named after the ‘space voyager’, a space explorer who went on an exploratory journey into the vastness of space in search of ‘discoveries’ that had yet to be made.

We hope that you, the readers of our media, will find something new and interesting, something you haven’t seen yet! We want to share these experiences with you.


We are enthusiastic anime fans just like you. 

Our aim is to share the latest anime news, reviews and insights from the home of anime – Japan – with anime fans around the world. 

Through this blog, we hope to contribute to the development of the anime industry in any way we can.

Key points of our activities

We ourselves are big anime fans!

Like you, we have a deep passion for this wonderful culture. 

Our love for anime is what drives us to explore and discover the ‘legendary anime of the future’ that the industry is creating.

Spreading anime culture

Our goal is to contribute to the global popularity and growth of Japanese animation.

We believe that anime brings people together from all over the world and has friendships that transcend borders, and we want to spread its influence far and wide.

We want to expose people to the world's anime culture.

We are always eager to learn and want to understand and learn about the world’s anime cultures.

We cherish the opportunity to deepen our interest and knowledge of trends and popular anime series from different countries and regions and want to share this with our readers.

Connecting with anime fans around the world

One of our great joys is to connect with anime fans from all over the world.

We encourage you to join our community, take part in discussions and share your thoughts and recommendations.

By sharing your love of anime, you can connect with anime fans from all over the world!

Preserve and celebrate the irreplaceable culture of anime.

We believe it is important to preserve anime as a cultural heritage for people all over the world.

Our blog aims to shine a light on a wide range of anime productions, from the famous to the hidden gems, and to introduce you to some fascinating anime series you may not know about.

Thank you for visiting our blog!

Join us on our journey to find the legendary Anime!

We invite you to explore the vast and wonderful world of anime!

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