Who do you like? :The charms and secrets of the characters in Madoka Magica.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a legendary masterpiece that shook the Japanese animation world.


Despite its cute appearance, the characters and their profound story have had a huge impact on the hearts and minds of viewers.

Which one is your favourite?


This article looks at the main characters of Madoka Magica.

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Introduction of characters from Madoka Magica.

Madoka Kaname - from ordinary to heroic

Madoka Kaname

To begin with, let’s explore the main character, Madoka Kaname.


Madoka transforms from an ordinary girl, as she appears, into a hero who gains great power and ultimately influences the entire universe.


We will look inside her, at the process of her evolution and how she made the decision to jump into the world of magical girls.

Homura Akemi - the lone warrior across time

Homura Akemi

Next, we focus on Homura Akemi. Homura is a magical girl who manipulates time and her aim is consistently to protect Madoka.


However, behind this purpose lies a tragic past and deep love.


Homura’s complex character and her secrets are explored in depth.

Mami Tomoe - Elegance and solitude

Mami Tomoe

Mami Tomoe is responsible for initially introducing Madoka and her friends to the world of magical girls.


She always seems graceful and calm, but behind her lies a deep loneliness, having lost her friends and fought alone.


This section explores Mami’s strength and loneliness, and the path she has chosen.

Sayaka Miki - Devoted love and despair

Sayaka Miki

Sayaka Miki makes the decision to become a magical girl out of her passion for music and love for her childhood friend.


However, her pure feelings are gradually transformed into despair by the harshness of fate.


This section takes a closer look at Sayaka’s tragic story and the devoted love she harbours.

Kyoko Sakura - Realist Warrior

Kyoko Sakura

Kyoko Sakura takes a realistic view of life as a magical girl.


Her stories make us think deeply about the reality of magical girls.


Her own philosophy of life as a magical girl and the impact she has had on Madoka and her friends are explored.

Kyoko Sakura Further information: coming Soon.


The characters in Puella Magi Madoka Magica are not just cute-looking magical girls; they are multifaceted and deeply human.


Their experiences depict universal human problems and leave a deep impression on viewers.


Has your favourite character changed after reading this article?
We invite you to discover a new side of our characters.


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